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Message of the Mayor

Mayor Reynaldo S. Tamayo, Jr.


Municipal Judge Geoffrey Canja,  Newly elected and outgoing officials, family and friends, ladies and gentlemen good morning.

First of all I would like to thank God our father who guide me for the entire journey, newly elected and outgoing municipal officials, Former Vice Mayor Loreto Tamayo my grandmother, Engr. Reynaldo Tamayo Sr. and Engr. Milagros Tamayo, my parents, Engr. Romeo Tamayo, Dra. Janet Tamayo Marcelino, former councilor Roseller Tamayo, and their families, my brothers and sisters, my lovely wife and kids, relatives, leaders and friends.

People of Tupi, my sincerest thank you for giving me the privilege to stand here in front of you today as the 9th mayor of the Municipality of Tupi.  This is truly one of the most important moments of my life, and the gratitude I feel towards all of you who made this possible is indeed immeasurable. I will forever remember this.  My efforts will be informed and inspired by the knowledge, that I would not be where I am today if not because of you, my dear..people of Tupi.

Along the path to this position, I have seen the faces, felt the disappointments, heard the hopes and found myself deeply moved by the dreams of the people of Tupi,  Dreams for change. With the trust that you have given me, I will assure you that this administration will make a positive difference in the lives of Tupinians.

We will be looking forward for the following priority aspects of development.

Education we will make school fees affordable and if we can in three years time it will be free for tupinians in primary and secondary education.  We will tap all private organizations and corporations in exchange of incentives for some taxes in the municipality.  With the help of educators here in Tupi, we can maintain or even enhance the quality of education that Tupi is already enjoying.  With regard to tertiary education, we are still looking for a continue scholarship grants from LGU, different government agencies, private corporations and foundations that offer scholarship grants for deserving individuals.  Free and quality education is what we need.  We must invest in education because we believe that education will push one’s potentials to maximum use.

Agriculture is the heart of this municipality; we are known as the fruits and vegetable basket of the South but we will not limit ourselves to this.  Soon we will  be known as the fruits and vegetable basket of the Philippines.  Perhaps, some of you will ask if we can  do it.  Yes Tupinians we can! We have all the resources and potentials that are just waiting to be tapped.  This administration will also create a committee for research and development for new technology that will be used to enhance the skills and farming techniques of our farmers. With new technology, we believe that there will be a vast increase in harvest. Low cost of inputs will be enjoyed by our farmers as well.

Economic development must be strengthened. Municipal economic enterprise development office will be created and will function as integrator of all sections that involves business activity in the local government unit. The increase in business activity will be seen and it will generate jobs for tupinians. With these, we are assured that the local income of Tupi will be increased to more than 40% before this term ends. I see Tupi as the center of trading in the province in the near future and what we have to do is to prepare.

Peace and Order will be improved. We all know that peace and order is an essential ingredient in maintaining economic development. Police visibility in community will be increased by putting upa Community Police Assistance Centers and checkpoints in critical criminal entry point areas. Policemen and other armed forces will be deployed to patrol in order to improve police visibility and act as deterrent to potential crimes.

Tourism is another key element in the job generation strategy. Tupi is known to have beautiful nature tourist attractions. We have waterfalls, mountain views, hot spring, tarsier sanctuary and a lot more. All we have to do is to focus and develop this god given potentials into tourist destination.

Environmental Protection will be implemented to protect our water shed and also to fight against global warming that is the major cause of climate change right now. we need to create a task force for this protection. Waste will be converted into projects to generate funds, so this will be a self supporting project.

Health services will be enhanced. The local health board must be expanded to involve also some non-government organizations, private sectors and religious sectors to ensure that the problem from the smallest unit of community will be raised and will be part of any decision of the local health board.  There will also be an officer –in- charge in the office of the mayor to handle any social services that the office can offer directly to those who are in need.  Also, we will make tupi a universal philhealth municipality to ensure that health services will be available to all indigent individuals.

Anti-discrimination municipality, where in we will give equal opportunities to different tribes. Municipal tribal and muslim councils will be strengthened not only to preserve their culture but also to help maintain peace and order. Rest assured, that every Tupinian will be treated equally, may he be Christian, Muslim or Blaan.

Infrastructure will be continued. Prioritizing infrastructure will be based on what we need and what is important.  It must be lined to the preparation of economic development like school buildings, roads and bridges, commercial buildings, street lights and some others.

Youth empowerment projects will be introduced.  I can see perfect result if we will involve youth organization in planning and livelihood projects of the municipality. we are not only diverting the attention of the youth from any vices but also inspiring them by making them feel they have a big role in the community.

Transparency and zero corruption will be closely monitored by this administration to make sure that the funds of the people will be used for the people and not for few.

To end, I would like to inform you that in order to achieve big we must dream big. Rest assured that my dreams for Tupi will be realized but I humbly say that I cannot do it without you. I ask for both your prayers and your earnest efforts to make Tupi on top of other municipality in our province…as it was always meant to be.

Mabuhay Tupi!


Department Heads


Office of the Mayor-Hon. Reynaldo S. Tamayo, Jr.

Office of the Sangguniang Bayan-Hon. Valentin G. Mariano, Jr.

Office of the SB Legislative-Mrs. Remedios C. Guino-o

Office of the Municipal Engineering-Mr. Eugenio S. Juele, Jr.

Office of the Municipal Planning and Development-Mr. JUlgen R. Dajay

Office of the Municipal General Service-Mr. Antonio C. Leoncio, Jr.

Office of the Municipal Treasurer-Mr. Eliseo C. Balisi

Office of the Municipal Assessor-Mr. Herbert C. Hugador

Office of the Municipal Health Officer-Dr. Apolinar B. Hatulan

Office of the Municipal Agriculture-Mr. Danilo De Guzman

Office of the Municipal Budget-Mrs. Ligaya B. Nerosa

Office of the Municipal Accountant-Mrs. Raides S. Sales, CPA

Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar-Mrs. Adeliza J. Duyo

Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development-Mrs. Anastacia A. Hatulan, RSW

Office of the Market Supervisor-Mrs. Milagros S. Javier

Office of the MLGOO-Mrs. Debbie Grace Pendon